What You Need to Know About UK Living

British newspapers say that every year the number of non-English people who enter and then live and work in the UK, and most of them live in London, is as many as 500 thousand people. Most are from Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India. However, the number of British people who came out of England and settled abroad were almost the same as those who entered. If you have the interest in the UK living or should be there for the certain reason, then you must enroll britishlifeskills.com for the citizenship registration and permit needs. Well, there are so many reasons why people want to live in the UK.

Even in the first day, you are in the UK, you can try to shop or go around using the certain transportation. Various kinds of transportation that can be used when in London. Like, train (Tube), Bus, Black Cab (Taxi), Tram. But the Tram is only in a few places. Prices are still reasonable if you buy an Oyster Card. And it is necessary to know that on the Bus does not use cash but only uses Oyster Cards.