Watch Some of These Things Well When Being in Thailand

Now, there are lots of tourist destinations that you can choose when you will go on vacation. One of the destinations currently visited by international tourists is Thailand. The number of interesting objects that can be visited there makes the place never empty of visitors. In fact, when you are confused about what transportation to use, you can use Car Rental Thailand.

However, when you decide to vacation in Thailand, some of these things you should not forget and you should pay attention to.

1. When visiting the temple, pay attention to the position of your head with a Buddha statue
In Thailand, the majority of the population adheres to Buddhism, so when we are on vacation there is a reasonable place to meet many Buddhist temples and statues.
If you want to capture a holiday moment by taking a photo with a Buddha statue, make sure your head position is not higher than the head of the Buddha statue itself. Because you will be considered impolite if your position is higher than a Buddha statue, try posing in a sitting or looking down style.

2. When meeting, give away for monks
Because of a large number of Hindu followers, there are also many Hindu religious leaders, monks. If you are visiting a temple and seeing a monk, immediately give away.
Because monks are forbidden to make physical contact with women. That way, there will be no awkward or uncomfortable feeling. This is also to show that as a tourist you have respect while there.

3. Don’t hold the child’s head
In some of our countries, it is usually common to find people who are anxious about young children and then stroking the child’s head, but this is apparently not permissible in Thailand. You will be considered impolite because they assume the head is a sacred thing and should not be held even if he is still a child. So, avoid this if you don’t want to be considered rude.