Things you must notice about ayahuasca

Not yet known or found long-term negative effects of the use of Ayahuasca and not yet found people who are addicted to Ayahuasca. There is no overdose limit from Ayahuasca. Therefore Ayahuasca is considered as a safe for consumption and does not cause addiction. Ayahuasca can treat various diseases such as cancer, treat addiction to drugs such as alcohol, smoking, and cure from parasites such as worms and increase immunity. Aside from that, you may visit to learn more about this plant’s benefits.

It should be noted that there are a few people who have sensitivity (allergies) to Ayahuasca and can cause itching, it is recommended to test first with low doses.

Ayahuasca, when taken by mouth, can cause impaired movement and balance coordination (users are not encouraged to drive or perform physical activities that require balance), provide a sensation of immunity (body parts that had been sick, sore, bruised so it doesn’t feel) and provide a visual effect with eyes closed / CEV (Closed Eye Visual).

Ayahuasca can connect us to the unconscious closer. When using Ayahuasca, the subconscious rises so we are easily advised (we enter the hypnagogic state). It is recommended to keep sitting in meditation and not going anywhere (walking) when using.