These Are Two Things You Never Miss When Halloween

When Halloween arrives, indeed everyone will dress up so creepy to add an impression that screams on that Halloween day. Many people finally look for halloween masky to add a scary impression on themselves. In addition to costumes, masks are indeed things that cannot be missed.



In addition to these two things, there are other things that you can’t miss when Halloween arrives, like

1. Trick or Threat
A sentence that means this trick or trick is usually thrown out of those who come to homes to ask for gifts, or else they will work on the owner of the house. Homeowners can freely give any gift for those who come like snacks, candy or other small gifts.

2. Spooky make up
Using a costume is not complete if you haven’t used a makeup that supports a scary appearance on Halloween night. Usually, they use to make up to draw skull characters, or creepy incisions, like those on the faces of monsters, zombies, or black robes that are used in general.