Don’t Lie About These Two Things When Applying for a Job

When applying for a job, obviously there are many things that you must pay attention to so that your job application can be processed immediately by the company you are headed for. You can also visit job application portals online to make it easier for you to find work. At you can find the job you want and match your passion.

However, these two things are often not said honestly by someone who is looking for work.

1. The desired amount of salary
Sometimes, the question of salary will make you confuse. But believe me, honesty is the best thing. Avoid lying about your current salary.

2. Photos that don’t look professional
If you do include a photo in the CV, make sure your photo is a normal and professional photo. Avoid using various effects to make your face more beautiful or handsome in photos. Remember, using formal clothes, like a blazer, when making photographs.