Ways of enjoying music legally


Who doesn’t like hearing latest nigerian music ? Lo, of course, it’s always ready for the music player to be pocketed right? Whether it’s stored on a smartphone, iPod, or maybe some of you have a car that can still play cassettes? Listen to good music, you have the right to all, but have you ever thought about how much loss an artist might get because you are illegally hacking/downloading the song? Meanwhile, check out the latest naija music if you want to hear some of the best Nigerian songs.

It’s good if the majority or all of your songs have been legal. However, you know, nowadays it’s easy to download songs here and there. Well, for those who feel that the music includes appreciating the artist too, here are four ways you can listen to songs legally and coolly on the internet!

Online Radio

The first way to enjoy music on the internet with legal and cool is to stream radio. Many radio channels both from within and outside the country are online 24 hours, with exciting announcers and can add to your knowledge about new music. Minus, you can’t choose what song you want. But you can know what songs are going to be or will be hits, new jokes in cool radio style and hear the news too.


You must know names like Spotify or Apple Music? You could say, this is a combination of real online radio, internet radio, and growing even cooler with each feature. Lo, you only need about 200 thousand subscriptions for one month to be able to access the music library that has stock up to more than 30 million songs. Not all artists enter the song on internet radio, so Spotify or Apple Music (and other great song streaming apps) can be your choice.

Buy Original Music

Well, this one is actually the finest. Buy original isn’t always expensive. Especially now, you are given the opportunity to choose to buy one live album or a unit song. So, you can buy songs that you really like, don’t need to go to the albums. It’s cheaper, isn’t it? And the purchase price on the internet is indeed not expensive, really expensive, because the market is more. To support your idol, is it ok to spend a little money?