Simple tips you need to buy RC cars

If you are confused about what to buy, you should buy an offroad type car, why off-road? It’s because this car is suitable for all terrain, both paved roads and rocky roads with the hard terrain. So, suitable for beginners who want to take part in rc toys car tournaments.


Yes, instead of forcing you to buy a car drift car because you like it and it looks funny when you see other people playing it, but do not have the ability to control drift or the race track with the buggy. So, it’s better to choose a car that can be mastered easily without the need for certain experience or abilities.

If you impose a desire, the drift car that should be able to get a countersteer while long drift is just spinning unclear on the floor. In addition to throwing money away, it also ends up feeling frustrated.

By choosing the off-road type, you are also free to work. Can adjust the speed of the car from high to low, without fear of damaging it. All can be tried repeatedly to practice the ability to play before showing others later.

When abilities have increased and funds have been collected, you can upgrade them to the preferred types, such as draft and crawler types.

In addition, do not be tempted by “cheap” frills.

Be careful when buying a car with this remote controller online. Do not be easily tempted by the label “cheap”. Especially if you write a large discount. It could be a fake item or a fictitious shop and want to commit fraud.

We recommend that you survey more than one place. Compare prices between one shop and another. Also, check the advantages of each store through product details. Also make sure the store’s social media account can be searched easily on the internet and recognized by the RC car collection community, so you can ask for advice and opinions.