A unique old town with 700 years of rich history

The town of Ebeltoft. It’s actually one of the most beautiful old towns in Europe. It isn’t just famous for being pretty, but it’s also well-preserved along with its 700 years of rich history. Fortunately, due to its located within the territory of Mols Bjerge national park, it’s protected and preserved very well up to this day. You may also try the Ebeltoft outdoor service if you want to visit this town.

In its iconic main street, Adelgade, there is this authentic, and antique-looking old town hall that you can visit. It was built back in 1789 and it has been used until 1840. Right now, it’s being used as a museum which stores the rich history of the town, including its stories, cultures, and the important people who have lived in that beautiful old town.

However, you may be surprised that this city, even after 700 years, is still functioning normally, unlike some other tourist destinations that only for show. There are shops and restaurants that you can visit here, and it’s a worthwhile trip if you’re planning to visit the Mols Bjerge national park in the near future.