Send a job application with manners

I often accept applications without a subject and without body email, just attach CV. Well, it’s not polite? Next, I explain what items must be available when you send an application directly to the recruiter of the company. In the meantime, you may also want to visit if you want to get a job in the UK.

– Include the position you want in the email subject. For example: Apply for Finance Officer or Apply for Production Assistant. This column should not be left empty, because it will make the recruiter confused, this candidate wants to apply for what position.

– Include your cover letter in the email body. Well, just like the subject, this column should not be left blank. It’s good that you provide clear information about your personal data in brief but clearly. Don’t forget to include persuasive sentences, why do you feel yourself worthy of further processing. The aim is to convince the recruiter to choose you as a potential candidate.

– Attach the latest CV (complete with the latest photo), value transcript, and the latest diploma. There is no need to attach a health certificate, KK, etc. because it is usually not needed in the screening process. Oh yeah, make sure the size isn’t too big and the writing is easy to read huh!