Maximize Your Business Using Facebook

Facebook is the closest social media among humans in this Era. A large number of Facebook users in the world is certainly a lot of potentials that we can explore from Facebook, including for the benefit of maximizing business or business. This is evidenced by the many business people and marketers who maximize business using Facebook. This marketing strategy is one of the affordable and effective marketing strategies if we understand how to maximize it. To make your fanspage look professional, you can use auto liker service.

1. Use Facebook Fanspage Not Facebook Personal

The first step to running a business marketing strategy using Facebook is knowing the characteristics of Facebook itself. In Facebook, there are personal facebooks and fanspage. For marketing via Facebook, use fanspage instead of personal Facebook. Why facebook fanspage? This is because personal Facebook is limited to only able to accommodate 5000 friends, in contrast to Facebook fanspage, fanspage can accommodate friends in unlimited forms, so it’s not strange that there are brand accounts or public figures that have the number of likes reaching hundreds of thousands or even millions.

2. Use the Automatic Status Scheduler feature

Use the features provided by Facebook, this feature is an automatic status scheduler. We can use this scheduled status update feature to facilitate status updates on Facebook when we are busy. This feature is an automatic scheduler feature that serves to facilitate the status update process.

3. Make Facebook Content Planning

The important tips to maximize Facebook marketing is to make content planning. Planned content helps marketers or business people to determine the direction of content marketing strategies that will be carried out through Facebook. Some examples of content planning can contain when the status will be published and the contents of the status. Here are some statuses that can be made for Facebook marketing, such as user status updates: Contains tips, article links, quotes, interesting images, and various useful articles. Then the status contains the products sold or status updates about the latest products or promos.