Simple Wife’s Favorite Minimalist Home Design

Having a dream home is probably one of the biggest dreams for every married couple. What not? Imagine how wonderful it is to unwind after working and relaxing with your family in the comfort of a fun living room or sleeping room. The criteria of a dream house can indeed be different for each couple in the household. Apart from the size of the house inhabited, a simple minimalist house can be an inspiration for a dream home. A simple minimalist house is also very suitable for modern couples who want to live without the burden of furniture or household items that make stuff stuffy. If husbands want to make his wife happy, you can visit Florence Residences.

The whole design of this simple minimalist Florence Residences selection feels cool, neat and spacious. Guaranteed, not just your favorite wife who will agree and like this simple minimalist home design, but you also definitely can’t wait to create a simple minimalist home-style dream house!

– Simple Minimalist Home Design with a Unique Private Relaxing Spot

No need for fancy or complicated accessories, this hanging hammock is the main focus of the family lounge which is guaranteed to make the residents feel happy. With a special relaxing spot in a simple minimalist house, a relaxation event, reading your favorite books to just relax and unwind your wife is guaranteed to be more comfortable. Suggestion Kania is only one, do not let the husband and wife scramble to relax in a unique spot in this funniest, minimalist Florence Residences.

– Extra Storage for Wife’s Shoe Collection

Having a simple minimalist Florence Residences means you have to be creative in matters of storage. Well, for a cabinet solution as a simple minimalist home storage rack that your wife would like, just use your minimalist bed. Slip flat storage with matching colors plus a small wheel so that the business of storing and taking shoes is easier. There is no reason to lose your hobby of shoe collection just because of the minimal space in your simple minimalist home again, right?