Know the Different Types of Available Chainsaws in the Market

Are you seeking the battery powered chainsaws? Saws have a variety of types and functions, some specifically cutting wood, plywood, iron, or pipes. Wrong choosing the type of saw, can make bad pieces, jam, even saw blades quickly blunt and broken. Woodcutting saws are generally large with rough saw blades and spaced saw spacing. Meanwhile, iron cutting saws have finer saw blades with more tight saw spacing.

In choosing cheap chainsaws that are used to cut wood, we have two choices, namely a jigsaw saw or circular sawing machine. From the working principle, the two machines are different where the jigsaw saw blade moves up and down cutting it while the circular saw uses the eye in the form of a rotating disc when cutting.

The use of mechanical devices provides advantages so that they are often used rather than manual tools. Some excess chainsaws are:
– The tool is quite powerful and easy to use;
– Easy to turn on and operate, as well as the process to produce cuts to the destination quickly,
– Can be used in various cutting positions,
– Tools are quite durable and versatile and
– Great power and save human power.

Advantages of Jigsaw Saw Machines
– Can move left – right or zigzag and circle.
– The engine’s electrical power is generally smaller than circular saws.
– In addition to wood can also be used to cut other materials such as iron, PVC, acrylic, etc. depending on the type of blade used.
– Generally has a relatively lighter weight than circular saws.
– The position of the workpiece does not only have to be on a flat workbench, so it is still possible to be used to cut objects in other places or positions.

Circular Saw Machine
Advantages of Circular Saws
– Usually only used and certainly more comfortable to use for cutting straight and long.
– Circular blades are relatively longer to replace than jigsaw blades.