Here are some romantic and simple Korean Drama Dating Ideas that you can follow

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Romantic dating is usually synonymous with dating in Korean dramas. The development of Korean culture makes many people try several types of dating that usually exist in these dramas. Here are some simple and romantic dates in Korean drama style.

1. Dating at a library or bookstore
Who says you and your partner can only date at cafes or malls. If your lover is a hobby of reading, there is no harm in accompanying him to go to the library or buy some books at the bookstore.
One hour together even though you don’t do many things, just reading a book that you like even becomes a very romantic activity, right?

2. Enjoy rides in the playground
Some say dating in the playground will make you look like a child. But this dating idea can be you and your partner try. Visiting a playground on weekends or taking a day off on weekdays, can be a pretty good idea.
You and he can enjoy the day without many visitors. So time to play can be more relieved and enjoyable.

3. Take him on vacation while enjoying the beautiful nature
You and he certainly need time to chat with each other and express the complaints you feel every day. If you are bored with the tiring city atmosphere and bustle of the streets, invite him to visit a city that is slightly higher than your hometown.
Inhaling fresh air in the open will make you calmer and easy to convey everything you feel. This atmosphere will be very romantic.