Difference Between Psychology and NLP


Many people ask the difference between NLP and psychology. Moreover, psychology has long been known as psychology. To find out, you can visit our website and follow NLP courses. Then, what are the differences between psychology and NLP? Here are some of them:

1. NLP is formulated from the modeling process of excellent people in their fields

So that NLP only displays the best concept as well as applicable. Recognizing that every human being is unique and created in the best form and has various kinds of resources they need to be effective, NLP has never modeled the average person especially those who are sick. Ineffectiveness of a person is not a fixed price, because they only use improper strategies. Teach them the right strategies and they will be effective too.

2. NLP always uses a holistic point of view in understanding, finding and formulating solutions to solve problems

How many things we consider to be a problem is not a real problem but only a symptom of the real problem. For example, a bad boy, give a blow so that discipline or body fat then we give slimming drugs. What about the results? Of course, you can answer yourself.

3. NLP has a more systematic way to help change

Not only dwell on the level of behavior. The modeling process carried out by NLP can also enter capability levels, beliefs, values, identities, and purposes that are higher then describe them in structured steps so that easier to duplicate.

4. In terms of its intervention, NLP focuses on the structure of experience and not on its contents

So that making NLP different from Psychology generally, you will not be taught how to explore the root of the problem and the process of the occurrence of problems or why someone is having problems. NLP focuses more on how to use the resources that have been owned by someone to help him become a better person or how to model an excellence (self) of others and themselves which can thus be directly utilized for certain purposes. Without intending to compare, but NLP is the right choice for those of you who want to be able to manage themselves practically and applicatively.